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Retail Staff Training

Hi and welcome to our Retail Staff Training Area.

Click and download the pdf at the bottom of this page and be empowered! Remember, knowledge is power. By learning all you need to know about Bellaboo all natural skin care you will be equipped with knowledge about why natural skin care is the best choice for young skin, all the deets on our line of products and core benefits of each. You can even test your knowledge with a few questions we've thrown at you at the end of each module. It's a great way to test yourself on what you've just learnt. And, of course, any question, any time, email me personally and I will get back to you ASAP.

I hope you find our training module useful. And remember, you are not only helping teen girls with their skin care but also their self esteem....the two are intrinsically linked, which makes what we do, creating skin care for young girls, so rewarding. The difference good skin makes to how girls feel about themselves overall is amazing. To be even a small part of that makes what I do something that I am totally passionate about!

I hope you enjoy the Bellaboo experience!