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Note To Selfies

Note To Selfies

Posted by Snezna on Jun 28, 2013

So you think that taking selfies is cool? Cute outfit - snap Selfie! Having an awesome time at a party - snap Selfie. You and your bestie looking damn cute - snap Selfie! Sound familiar? If I said to you there is this girl who, like, is so annoying because she is pulling out her mirror at every opportunity and looking at herself. Like, we could be in the middle of a full on conversation and she pulls out her mirror and looks at herself. Or, we are like, dancing at this cool party and she stops mid-dance, leaving me hanging, while she pulls out a mirror and makes us both look at ourselves in the mirror. Annoying much? 

I don't know about you but it sure sounds really self-centred to constantly be pulling out a mirror and checking yourself out - right? Ok, so let's replace that mirror with a mobile device. Same thing but more permanent. Take a photo, check yourself out. If you like what you see, share it for the world to see. Is it not the ultimate in narcissim? FYI: Narcissum was a Greek youth who fell in love with his reflection in a stream. The gods felt sorry for him because he refused to leave his "love" and so they turned him into a flower of the same name. So narcissim is about being totally into totally in love with yourself. Are selfies narcissistic?

We've all seen it. At a cool party. Music is blaring. People are dancing and in the moment. All of sudden a group of girls breaks away from the dance floor, exchanging dance manouveurs for duck face ones as they click away. It goes on for ages. They are oblivious to what is going on around them...hell, One D could enter the building and they would be unwares so fixated are they on getting photos, checking themselves out in the pics and then making sure to share with the world. 

Call me crazy but these girls give our Greek youth Narcissum a run for his money. Man, those Greek Gods would end up with a massive portion of the earth turned into flowers! And to be honest, I would prefer the flowers to the are beautiful. They don't need to prove their beauty. They just are. If flowers could take selfies I am sure they would choose not to. They realise their own beauty and don't need to publicize it. They don't need to prove it or see it in photo after indulgent photo of themselves. Flowers, instead, are in the moment. Aware of their own beauty. Not obsessed by it. Not fixated on it. And, in just being beautiful and themselves are able to be in the moment vs missing major moments because you are too busy taking yet another Selfie. 

Step away from the will see how much better life is without Selfies! See how silly the selfie cats look? Take a good look ....just saying! 

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