All-natural skin care. Real natural, real beauty, real results.

Bellaboo: Where Naturally Flawless Skin Begins

Hi, and welcome to the world of Bellaboo.

Bellaboo is an all natural skin care system for young girls. It's for that girl at the beginning of her skin care journey. That teen girl in the midst of puberty and pimples. And, that early 20s girl seeking effective skin care that's not too rich and not yet about anti-aging.

Becoming a skin care creator is something new for me. I started my career in journalism and ended up in the wonderful world of beauty as a beauty editor. This complete emersion in beauty and beauty products is what led me to create Bellaboo. That and becoming a mum.

With my own daughter in mind I went in search of effective, natural skin care. There was nothing. Everything on the shelf was chemical-based, all about attacking pimples by drying them out, and all so clinical-looking. Light-bulb moment - create a skin care range that is natural,can be used for every girl regardless of her skin care issues, is uncomplicated, delivers results without harm to the skin, and actually speaks her language and appeals to her visually.

Bellaboo, named after my own Bella, whose nickname happens to be Bellaboo, was born!

Our skin care is 99.5% natural ingredient-based with zero nasty chemicals. I can honestly say I think we have created one of the purest skin care ranges for young skin on the planet!! This is a skin care system for every day for every girl. It is a pimple prevention and pimple treatment program. It is an acne care solution and acre treatment that delivers results based on proven natural ingredients vs nasty drying chemicals.

The dream was to create a skin care brand that addressed the skin problems of girls in their tweens, teens and twenties, whilst being fun and part of their world. And, I'm thrilled to say we did it. Bellaboo Skin Care treats pimples and acne without the side effects you get with many other products. And, if you are lucky enough to have escaped pimples and acne, it is still effective in keeping skin normal, healthy and glowing. Girls tell us they notice a difference in their skin within days! Girls tell us that they love our fashion-forward, fun packaging.

You don't have to believe me. Read our testimonials from everyday girls from across the world who just love sharing their discovery of a skin care system that works. Also check out our growing celebrity fan base - real celebs who have tried Bellaboo, love it, and have taken the extraordinary step of telling us so that we can share with you!

I hope you try Bellaboo for yourself. We thrive on feedback so feel free to email me and tell me what you think @ It is YOU who counts for me and I want to hear from you.

And for me, personally, and everyone on our team, Bellaboo is more than just skin care. We believe that real beauty is, yes, addressing the external stuff but, more importantly, working on the inside. Real beauty comes from within. If you feel beautiful that is how others will see you too. To help girls with inspiration, information and advice on all the issues important to them, we created our own magazine. Our magazine is 100% teen-centric. Every editor is a teen and every issue comes together thanks to them! Hope you get a chance to check it out!

I want to strive to make that difference inside and out! I want to make Bellaboo a total brand experience that is across all aspects of a young woman's life

I hope you enjoy the Bellaboo experience!